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EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 offers a compelling cricket gaming experience that captures the essence of the sport.
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EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 is a really cool computer game all about cricket. It was made by a company called HB Studios and put out by Electronic Arts as part of their EA Sports collection.

The game came out on November 24, 2006, in the United Kingdom, and on November 14, 2006, in Australia.

You can play this awesome game on both Windows computers and the PlayStation 2.

What is meant by EA Sports Cricket 2007

If you’re looking to play a different kind of sports game, you might enjoy checking out the EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 Game for PC.

It’s really popular in the UK and Australia. This game is a bit like baseball. There are 11 players on each team, and you use a cricket bat to hit the ball and score runs.

One cool thing about this version is that it has real teams you can use and play with. The pictures in the game look nice, but not too flashy. And the sounds in the game are really good. I found the game a bit tricky when I started playing.

The controls are a little hard, and you need to be careful with timing when you hit the ball. I also like the mode where you can compete in the World Championship.

It’s like a big tournament against teams from other countries to win the World Cup. Overall, the EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 Game is good fun with exciting matches and a cool gaming experience.”

How you can play

This game has many different ways to play. One way is by joining cricket tournaments from all over the world.

You can try things like the World Series Cricket and Cricket World Cup. There’s also a chance to go on a gaming tour and play in knockout cricket tournaments.

Another way is to take part in various tournaments like Australian Cricket Country, Full Season, and Temple Cup. You might also play against teams from different countries.

The players on your team and your opponents are real cricket pros, so if you’re a fan, you might see some of your favorite players in the game. And guess what?


The game provides access to around 35 different stadiums, each designed to capture the essence of cricket matches in various locations. The graphics, while not overly flashy, are detailed enough to create a realistic representation of the cricketing environment.

This adds to the immersive experience as players step onto the field and become a part of the action.

cricket payground

Gameplay and Controls:

The gameplay in EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 is designed to mirror the strategies and dynamics of cricket.

Players must strategist their batting and bowling techniques, taking into account factors like pitch conditions and player abilities.

The controls, though initially challenging, provide a rewarding experience once mastered. Precise timing and accuracy are crucial, especially when batting, to ensure successful hits and runs.

FAQS About EA Sports Cricket 2007 APK

Where can I buy EA Cricket 2007?

EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 is an older game and may not be available for purchase from official retailers anymore.
However, you might find second-hand copies from online marketplaces, auction websites, or stores that specialize in pre-owned games. Be cautious when purchasing from unofficial sources to ensure you’re getting a legitimate copy.

How to run a single in EA Sports Cricket 2007?

To score a single run in EA SPORTS Cricket 2007, you need to time your shot well and then quickly run to the opposite end of the pitch.
After hitting the ball, press the corresponding keyboard or controller buttons to initiate the run. The batsmen will automatically run to the other end of the pitch.
Be sure to judge the fielding situation and make sure there’s enough time to complete the run without risking a dismissal.

How do you get 1 run in cricket?

In cricket, you can score a single run by hitting the ball and running to the opposite end of the pitch.
This requires both batsmen to change ends quickly. If the batsmen successfully cross each other and reach the other end without the ball being fielded and returned to the wicketkeeper or bowler’s end, they score one run.

How do you score single in cricket?

To score a single run in cricket, a batsman must hit the ball and then run quickly to the other end of the pitch.
The key is to judge the fielding and make sure there’s enough time to complete the run without risking getting out.
Communication and coordination between the two batsmen are crucial to ensure a successful single.

How do you score 100 runs in cricket?

Scoring 100 runs in cricket is known as a century. A batsman can achieve this by accumulating runs through various means, such as hitting boundaries (four runs if the ball crosses the boundary without touching the ground) and running between the wickets.
A century is considered a significant achievement in cricket and demonstrates the batsman’s skill, patience, and endurance at the crease. It’s important to consistently play well and avoid getting out to reach this milestone.


EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 offers a compelling cricket gaming experience that captures the essence of the sport.

With its diverse game modes, licensed teams, detailed stadiums, and immersive gameplay, the game provides hours of entertainment for both cricket aficionados and gaming enthusiasts.

While the controls might present a learning curve, the satisfaction of mastering them and participating in thrilling matches makes this game a must-play for anyone looking to experience the excitement of cricket on their computer or gaming console.

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