Is there are secret version of Tinder?

Tinder has reportedly been developing a more exclusive version of its popular dating app, known as Tinder Select.

The intriguing question, “Is there are secret version of Tinder” seems to be answered by the existence of Tinder Select.

This invite-only platform has discreetly expanded over approximately six months, creating an additional VIP section within the standard Tinder app.

This unique feature is reserved for celebrities and individuals who have achieved notable success on the regular Tinder platform.

Users qualifying for Tinder Select can opt to use this exclusive layer in conjunction with the regular app, providing a more tailored and elite dating experience.

The Mysterious Criteria for Tinder Select

Tinder Select introduces a layer of exclusivity to the dating app, but the criteria for gaining access to this elite tier remain shrouded in mystery.

The process by which Tinder selects individuals to upgrade from the regular Tinder experience to the exclusive Tinder Select is not transparent.

Reports suggest that the chosen few who enjoy this elite feature include CEOs, supermodels, and individuals of exceptional attractiveness and affluence.

This exclusive club gives off an air of privilege, somewhat reminiscent of the exclusive atmosphere found in The League, another selective dating app.

A World Apart: The Select Pool

The current pool of Tinder Select users seems to be drawn from a privileged circle.

These individuals may not be part of the over million users who pay Tinder for improved match opportunities, companionship, and an escape from the void of life.

However, the potential for dating apps, including Tinder, to foster lasting relationships cannot be discounted.

Sorry, Regular Humans

If you’re a regular Tinder user, accessing Tinder Select isn’t straightforward. The exclusive tier operates on an invitation basis, with current members having the unique ability to “nominate” one person to join this selective group.

However, there’s a catch – the nominated individual cannot extend the same privilege to anyone else. It’s a one-way ticket into the exclusive world of Tinder Select.

A Stylish Distinction

Visually, Tinder Select distinguishes itself from the regular Tinder experience. The exclusive tier adopts a unique style, replacing the familiar pinkish-orange interface with navy blue color accents.

This visual distinction serves as a clear indicator of the exclusive world within the app.

Company’s Response

When TechCrunch sought information about Tinder Select, the parent company, IAC, remained tight-lipped.

The lack of comments from the company contributes to the overall secrecy surrounding this exclusive feature, leaving users curious about the selection process and the nature of this elite dating experience.

FAQS about Is there are secret versions of Tinder

How does one get access to Tinder Select? 

The criteria for being upgraded to Tinder Select remain unclear. It appears to be an invitation-only feature, with current members having the ability to nominate one person to join, but the nominated individual can’t extend the same courtesy.

Who are the users of Tinder Select?

The exclusive user base reportedly includes high-profile individuals such as CEOs and supermodels, creating a more elite and selective environment compared to the regular Tinder user base.

What distinguishes Tinder Select visually?

Tinder Select stands out with navy blue color accents, replacing the pinkish-orange interface familiar to regular users.
This visual distinction signifies the exclusive nature of the app’s elite tier.

Has Tinder commented on Tinder Select?

When TechCrunch inquired about Tinder Select, the parent company IAC chose not to provide any comments, maintaining a level of secrecy around this exclusive feature.

 Is Tinder Select available to the general public? 

No, Tinder Select is not accessible to the general public. It operates as an invite-only feature, with a select group of individuals granted access.

Can anyone request an invitation to Tinder Select?

As of the available information, there is no publicized process for requesting an invitation to Tinder Select. The feature seems to rely on existing members nominating individuals to join.

How exclusive is Tinder Select’s user base? 

Tinder Select reportedly includes individuals such as CEOs and supermodels, suggesting a more exclusive and high-profile user demographic compared to the broader user base on regular Tinder.


While the existence of a secret version of Tinder, known as Tinder Select, is suggested by reports, its criteria for user selection and the overall user experience remain shrouded in mystery.

The exclusive nature of Tinder Select, catering to a select group of individuals, adds an intriguing layer to the popular dating app.

The visual distinctions and the nomination process contribute to the exclusive atmosphere surrounding Tinder Select.

As of now, the parent company, IAC, has not provided official comments, maintaining a level of secrecy around this feature.

Users intrigued by the concept of Tinder Select may need to stay tuned for further developments and announcements from the company.

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